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Why the GO GREEN theme?

Green is fresh. Green is relaxing. Green is renewal. Green is Nature at its best. Green is more than just a color: it’s a reminder that we all have a connection with each other, and that to succeed in this world, to make a difference, to give value and meaning to our lives, we need to share and count on one another. The Circle of Life itself, is colored Green.


We at HIM Communications have gone Green to affirm our commitment to what is best, naturally. All things grow and thrive according to their nature. We all naturally progress towards our greatest potential: But from time to time, we need help. A little nudge. A kind word. A bright idea. A new vision. Creativity. Courage. Commitment. Hope. HIM Communications is determined to be of help. To provide what’s needed to nurture Life and Success. Let’s work together and go Green.






















The "tambuli" is an indigenous Filipino horn or trumpet made from carabao (water buffalo) horn, used to summon tribes to gather for important, profound events.


The tambuli rings loud and clear only in the most crucial times, whether dire or triumphant. The tambuli is more than a cultural artifact of ancient Filipino civilization: the call of the tambuli ripples and reverberates through the Filipino soul and across time, still rich with meaning and power.



At HIM Communications, we treat each message, each project, every campaign, as momentous—a singular event that is both profound and potentially life-changing. Like the tambuli, we aim to affect our clients and our audiences in positive, profound and powerful ways.


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